Pi Shop to open on Thursday, July 21st

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On Thursday, July 21st, the Casamia team will open Pi Shop: a brand new 40-seat pizzeria at The General in the old General Hospital.

The restaurant will be inspired by Casamia’s original roots as a neighbourhood pizzeria and will be open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner, creating masterpieces from local and seasonal produce.

Pi Shop’s sourdough pizzas will see the team creating new takes on classics such as Hawaiian, marinara and meat feast pizzas, combining local ingredients with a few Italian ingredients thrown into the mix – and they’ll also be serving up a selection of new and exciting combinations too, all cooked in their wood-fired copper pizza oven, which will be in full view of Pi Shop diners.

There will also be a focus on great beer, cocktails, coffee and wine, and there’s a promise of “one-of-a-kind ice cream” too. This is the second restaurant that the team are opening at The General, with a third venue – Paco Tapas – to come soon…


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