A single’s guide to bars and restaurants in Bristol 2017

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Amelia Rose takes us through her top picks for the best bars for singletons to find love in Bristol…


Research shows internet couples tend to be a better fit than those who meet by traditional means, however since records began, bars and restaurants have been the happiest hunting ground for those on the hunt for a partner to make an existence a relationship. So, if you’re in Bristol and on the lookout for the other half of your perfect relationship – where should you be looking? The hotspots are here:



Image from Hausbar’s Facebook page

Located off Whiteladies Road, opposite the Downs, Hausbar is hidden away under an Indian restaurant – you can’t get much cooler than a hidden bar; right? Hausbar is considered a ‘speakeasy’ bar and requires visitors to ring the doorbell for access (no shirt, no shoes, no knocking: no service!). Hausbar is without doubt the hub of cool in Bristol and is considered the ultimate place to finish your night – assuming you aren’t heading home early!

Hyde & Co

Hyde & co

Image from Hyde & Co’s Facebook page

If you thought Hausbar sounded like a well kept secret – try Hyde & Co on for size. A secret room in a secret bar near the Clifton Triangle, Hyde & Co is Bristol’s home of cocktails and one of the most exclusive bars in the city – you wouldn’t even know it was there if you weren’t looking for it!

If you’re single and eager to meet a partner with a love of espionage; Hyde & Co is definitely the one for you. Just make sure you get their name. Their full name.

The Rummer

Image from The Rummer's Facebook page

Image from The Rummer’s Facebook page

Whilst also being a slang term for a person who frequents the establishment; the Rummer is Bristol’s home of the pirate favourite: rum. Over 400 premium spirits are on offer, including rum, and there’s a real air of class about The Rummer thanks to a roaring log fire and Chesterfield sofas for all to perch on.

Not too far away from St. Nick’s Market; The Rummer is an ideal venue for singletons no matter the time of day – probably best to avoid any time before midday though; you Rummer.

The Doghouse

The Doghouse

Image from The Doghouse’s Facebook page

Seemingly a universal name for the best music bars in the UK; The Doghouse is the ideal venue for singletons looking to meet someone with a similar taste in sounds. Live DJ’s are on the decks almost every night of the week and all musical bases are covered from the heavier side of the industry down to the softest on offer.

Music is crucial to a happy relationship – you can’t have a partner who hates your go-to shower song now can you?

Is a bar enough?

No; that isn’t the name of the trendiest bar in Bristol – it’s a valid question that you need to consider as a singleton. With the recent rise in online dating, we’ve seen plenty of resources online to help help you identify the defining characteristics of each dating site. Are you willing to take the risk of heading to any of these establishments in the hope of finding the one? Or would you be better off securing a date first and then taking the prospective partner to one of Bristol’s trendiest bars?


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