Buttermilk & Maple launches UK’s first Christmas dinner cocktail…

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Buttermilk & Maple Christmas Dinner Cocktail


Fancy Christmas dinner as a ‘liquid lunch’? Now you can, as Buttermilk & Maple have launched the UK’s first Christmas dinner cocktail, available until December 28th.

Buttermilk & Maple on Welsh Back’s bar manager Jimmy Rhodes has come up with the festive concoction, named ‘All The Trimmings’, which incorporates pigs in blanket fat-washed Four Roses bourbon, chestnut liqueur, sage, maple syrup and cranberry sauce. It’s a festively red drink that’s finished off with a pig in a blanket, cranberries, and a sprig of holly.

Jimmy says, “When you’re an adult, two of the best things about Christmas are the food and the booze, so I wanted to make a cocktail that joined these festive forces together. We’re trying to encourage our customers to try something new this Christmas and will continue to tempt their experimental sides in 2018 when our new menu will launch.”

The cocktail menu that Jimmy’s creating for the new year will see equally innovative drinks being made available, with the promise of “further food-inspired drinks plus unusual and never-seen-before concoctions”. We can’t deny that we’re intrigued…


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