A guide to growing broad beans

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Broad Beans


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From experienced veg growers to gardening with children, there are few crops that give year-on-year with such abundance and with such little effort but with broad beans, you get a great show.

From the blousy red flowers to the pods of delicious veg, growing broad beans is rewarding. Although a simple plant to grow, they do need a little care and attention as do most veggies in the garden.

Getting the best from broad bean plants

This informative guide on how to grow broad beans covers everything you need to know including;

  • how to grow from seed and young plants
  • the right kind of soil for broad beans
  • watering and feeding requirements
  • the pros of growing in a polytunnel or undercover
  • and when you can expect your first fantastic crop of this tasty vegetable

It also includes a section on planting and growing in a polytunnel including the best way of managing the tunnel microclimate to give you the cropping plants that will carry on giving from the start to the end of the season.

A delicious vegetable

Full of nutrients, the broad bean is delicious cooked and eaten either warm with a Sunday roast or cold with any number of dishes. Keep it simple by boiling and sprinkling liberally across a salad or enjoy hot with a knob of lightly-salted butter to let their delicate flavour shine through. Double-shelling the broad beans means an even better flavour too, something that is also covered in the guide.

From sowing to planting, right through to harvesting, everything you need to know about growing this plant is contained in the guide. And with technical gardening terms also explained too, you will have no worries about growing the best broad beans in your polytunnels or garden this summer.


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