How to create your perfect home bar

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How to create your perfect home bar


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With pubs and bars closed for the foreseeable future, many of us are lamenting the demise of one of Britain’s main social activities. As a result, we’ve seen headlines telling of people organising room-to-room pub crawls at home, or creating their own DIY pubs in garages, shed and gardens.

If you’ve got a space that is currently sitting empty, why not convert it to a home pub or bar? Not only will it give you the chance to replicate a Friday or Saturday night out when it’s not currently possible, it’ll also give you a fun project to keep you entertained while lockdown continues.

You’ve probably already got a lot of the things you need: the alcohol itself, glassware, and more. But if you’re going to go the whole hog, there are some things you’ll need to think about…

Plan your space

Before you start, map out what’s going to go where. Think about the counter, the seating, the storage and ensure that you’ve got a plan in place before you begin.

Building the bar itself

What materials do you have at hand – or that are easily accessible? Old bookcases, unused cupboards, even pallets can be transformed into your new bar counter.

Think about your drink choices

How complicated would you like to go? The simplest option would be just to install a fridge for your bottled or canned beers or ciders, or bottles of wine and fizz.

A fridge can also be used to store mixers, with bottled spirits lined up along the back of the bar…or, if you’re feeling like going an extra step further, why not attach optics to the back wall to give an authentic pub or bar look and experience?

For many, though, the biggest thing they’re missing is proper draught beer. While bottles and cans are tasty enough, they’re not quite the same as a freshly pulled, chilled pint of your favourite tipple!

If you’re creating your own home bar, you can choose to have draught beer on tap. It’s possible to buy a complete beer dispenser kit for your home bar to serve your brew of choice perfectly chilled, and perfectly carbonated. You can buy a beer cooler online at – and there’s a range of options available.

Check your equipment

Glasses? Bottle openers? Beer mats? Cocktail making paraphernalia? Ice bucket? Garnishes? Seating? Have a think about what you’ll need to create your perfect home pub night so you’re stocked up in style.

Plan the lighting and decor

If you’re going to be using your bar at night, you’ll want to make sure it’s well-lit – but you might also want strings of fairy lights, neon signage or other lighting to create the atmosphere you want. And the decor…well, that’s totally down to you! For a classic pub vibe, you could decorate the walls with beer mats, add a dartboard or hang themed bunting. Fancy a beach bar instead? You’ll find plenty of accessories online to give you that tropical, summery vibe.


Building your own home bar is a great project to keep you entertained during lockdown – and gives you somewhere to emulate the experience of a night out in the pub: after all, who knows when that will return? And it’s also an investment for when restrictions are lifted enough for us to start seeing friends and family again. If you don’t want to head out into public spaces again straight away, it’s a great way to catch up with those you’ve missed the most, in the comfort of your own home.




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