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**NB…as of April 29th 2012, just TWO people have managed to tame the beast…in 228 attempts!**


Ever watch Man vs. Food and think you can match (or even beat!) Adam Richman’s achievements? Seven people have attempted “The Beast” from Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company in St Annes so far…and all have failed.

Tom’s challenge sounds easy enough at first: eat your burger (with chips and coleslaw) in under an hour and you’ll get your meal for free, have your picture put up on their wall of fame plus get a free t-shirt. It starts to sound a little more difficult that The Beast is so-called for a reason…it’s a massive 4.5lb burger which has defeated everyone that’s taken part so far.

The challenge is open 7 days a week, from 12pm to 9pm – so if you think you can beat those who have previously failed, head over and give it a go! And if you fail? No penalty, just the £15 cost of your meal.

Keep us posted here at Bristol Bites if you do decide to take part, it would be great to hear how you get on!


Find Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company on the Bristol Bites Directory…

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10 thoughts on ““The Beast” at Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company…will you accept the challenge?”

  1. Tried one, managed all but 3 bites worth, it was great, will try again, great burgers Tom & Tim are doing wonders in the kitchen

  2. Just got a delivery from Warren’s. Delivery driver rang me 3 times as got lost, that’s never happened before. Cold burgers.. Website menu says chicken rodeo is served with stilton and bacon, it isn’t.. Also, the chicken was undercooked and bloody! Called the manager, after arguing that I read his website wrong, all he would do is apologise. Never had such bad customer service before! Complete waste of money, gutted.

  3. Visited warren’s last night and was mighty impressed. My burger was amazing(i had the hogfather). Four men in our party took on the beast. Two didn’t even get half way through, one almost finished and my husband was number 13 to get his name on the wall of fame. I’ve never seen anyone in so much pain though. Within 5 mins of finishing the beast my husband was in the toilet being sick but is still very proud of himself for finishing it. I highly reccommend the place, it was a real laugh and the staff were really friendly.

    One thing people need to remember when they’re ordering a normal burger is that the stuff it says is in the burger is blended up with the meat so you may not see it but it’s in there. Makes the burger’s even better though.

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