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Day 3 was painful. My stomach’s not enjoying living on such a drastically changed diet, and both of us are feeling so lethargic at the moment!!

So…we treated ourselves to a bigger breakfast with plenty of sugar and salt, but still within budget. Half a tin of reduced price Heinz Baked Beans each (15p per portion), along with a homemade flat bread (2p) and one and a half scrambled eggs each…a cost per portion of 33p exactly. A great way to set us up for the day, although my body really is complaining about the number of eggs I’m forcing it to cope with!!


Live Below The Line Breakfast Day 3


We were glad we’d somehow found the energy to make the breakfast flatbread plus a few others the night before, meaning that we could “enjoy” another two for lunch, sandwiched together with 30g of Asda Smart Price Cheese Spread. At 37p per tub, it was never going to be amazing – essentially it’s an even more chemical-tasting version of Dairylea – but it was filling and slightly (but only slightly) alleviated my cheese cravings.

At 7p for 30g of cheese and 2p per flatbread, that’s an 11p lunch. Nice.


Live Below The Line Lunch Day 3


As lunch was so cheap, I made us both a late afternoon strawberry milkshake, of sorts, with 200ml of milk and 30g of jam each – that’s another 13p each, taking lunch to 24p.


Live Below The Line Milkshake, Day 3


Dinner was potato cakes, using mashed potato, bacon and a small amount of that red pepper and feta paste, with a handful of mixed veg on the side. 60p for two portions, and again quite filling…just not very exciting.


Live Below The Line Dinner Day 3


Not very exciting…but we did have a bit of a revelation. As an experiment, we tried baking the potato peelings at 200 degrees for 10 minutes on baking paper, simply dusted with salt. Et voila – potato skin crisps!! They could probably have done with a slightly shorter amount of time in the oven, but they were delicious – we’re definitely going to be doing these again in the future, even when this challenge has ended – such a great way of using up food waste!


Live Below The Line Crisps, Day 3


As previously mentioned, the main reason I’m doing this is to raise money for Health Poverty Action – a charity whose mission is to tackle poverty and improve the health of mothers, newborns and families in the poorest communities worldwide. I’d be grateful for any sponsorship that Bites readers can provide – it’s all going to a fantastic cause! Simply click here to visit my profile page and make a donation.


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