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We all know Knorr for their Stock Pots and Gravy Pots…but now they’re branching out into something a little different. The new Knorr Flavour Pots range has meant that the Knorr brand has branched out into convenience herbs and spices, using the same pot format as the Stock Pots and Gravy Pots to provide a little pot of goodness that is as convenient as using dried herbs, but has the great flavour that you expect with fresh herbs.

These new pots have been developed by Cameron Healy, one of the team of professional chefs that work with Knorr to develop their products. You can find out more about the new Knorr Flavour Pots by watching this video…




The concept is quite simple: Cameron and his team have blended herbs and spices into a paste for each Flavour Pot, and added a small drop of oil to keep the flavour, colour and aroma as close to fresh as possible.

The Knorr Flavour Pot Range currently consists of five different varieties – all of which can be used in a whole range of different ways. I’d probably use the Garlic Flavour Pot the most – we use garlic in almost everything! We quite regularly make homemade garlic breads, and I think this would be perfect – as well as for use in pasta sauces and for making homemade chicken kievs.

I reckon we’d also get a lot of use out of the 3 Peppercorn Flavour Pot. It looks like it would be great mixed with cream for an easy peppercorn sauce for steak, and we’re big fans of lots of pepper generally, so I’d try this out in shepherd’s pies and stews.

The Curry Flavour Pot is probably the one that we’d be least likely to use, but I can see how it would be handy for a super quick curry without the need to faff around with lots of individual spices – this contains 13 traditional curry spices. The Mixed Chillies Flavour Pot, on the other hand, is right up our street! This would be perfect for a speedy midweek Penne Al’Arrabiata, and I’d definitely try it in a chilli con carne for an added kick. I also make a spicy turkey mince pie packed full of chillies and using sweet potato mash as the topping, and I think these Flavour Pots would be perfect…

The final Flavour Pot in the range is the Mixed Herbs pot, containing thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil. Now, for someone like me who ends up killing fresh potted herbs on a regular basis (I have no idea what I’m doing wrong…!) this is ideal. I’d use this in pasta dishes, and I’d also give it a go on roast potatoes – I like experimenting with cooking them in a range of different ways!

You can even use multiple Flavour Pots together in one dish…they really do seem like a very easy way of adding a huge burst of flavour to your meals without needing to buy expensive individual ingredients, and without spending ages chopping and measuring – perfect for midweek meals! You can find out more about Knorr Flavour Pots and get some more ideas as to how cook with them here.


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2 thoughts on “Brand new Knorr Flavour Pots – diverse and different!”

  1. I love the peppercorn pots but no longer available in the supermarkets, I think I am going to boycott Knorr for this

  2. As above, love the peppercorn but why are they no longer available in supermarkets, Shame on you Knorr!

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