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Scubaboy Inc Bristol Favourites


You may have seen this doing the rounds on Twitter, but if you haven’t, give it a watch! Scubaboy Inc, a creative production studio based in Bristol’s Temple Studios, have created a brilliant animated film that takes viewers through their favourite places to eat and drink in their home city.

Featuring the likes of the Barley Mow, Hart’s Bakery, Hausbar, Cafe Kino and more, the project was created from Scubaboy Inc’s desire to undertake more creative projects that weren’t client-led.

Say the team, “Food and drink seems to play an important role in the daily life of the studio, whether it’s looking for an excuse to go out for lunch or getting everyone together for a meal out to celebrate, so it seemed like reasonable topic to start with.

“We were also keen to do something that celebrated Bristol, a city we’re very proud to call home, so we decided to make a film that combined our love of good food and drink with the fine array of independant businesses we find ourselves in regularly.

“Once we had whittled the huge list of Bristol places down to something manageable we set about developing a treatment. Stef had been keen to experiment with animating in Photoshop for a while so we thought this would be an ideal opportunity to try it out.

“The process involved designing a scene for each establishment we were featuring using a mixture of photos, live action and very simple guide 3D sequences. We then took these assets and animated them as simply as possible to allow us to work out the timings of whole film.

“Once this animatic was locked, we assembled a small team to take on the task of drawing the frame by frame animation over the existing piece to create a traditional and homely style to show of the places and food we love in Bristol”

It’s a fantastic video that does a great job of paying homage to some of the city’s finest food and drink venues – have a watch below and see what you think!



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