Kaspas Desserts opening on Park Street in January/February 2015

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Kaspas Desserts Bristol


Desserts seem to be the next big thing for Bristol at the moment. No Man’s Grace opened in Chandos Road earlier this year, and we also have Sundaes Gelato coming to Baldwin Street in the near future.

Kaspas Desserts have confirmed that they will be opening their Bristol branch on Park Street in either mid-January or early February 2015. This is an American-inspired diner with a difference…as the name suggests, it’s all about the desserts. At the time of writing, the chain had four open venues, with another five confirmed for Bristol, Swindon, Reading, Cardiff and Tooting – it appears that the dessert business is booming!

The aim of Kaspas is to “offer the world’s favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof” – think gelato, waffles, crepes, milkshakes, sundaes and smoothies. According to their website, customer service and high quality are key, along with the creation of a relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy a sweet treat.

The menu is vast, with most dessert items priced at between roughly £4 and £10, and with a range of hot drinks also on offer. Not much more information than that at the moment, I’m afraid…but keep an eye on their Facebook page, Twitter timeline and Instagram feed to check back on progress.



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  1. looks can be deceiving. the actual sundae is probably less than half of what it looks like in the picture..this place is a damn rip off

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