Thatchers launch new Special Vintage Ciders

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Thatchers Cider


Thatchers Cider, based just outside Bristol, have announced the launch of two brand new Special Vintage Ciders: limited editions that are available to purchase exclusively from the Thatchers Cider Shop at Myrtle Farm, Somerset.

Priced at £1.95 per bottle, there are two new varieties available, each containing two different apples and with a strength of 7.4%.

The Somerset Redstreak and Katy uses the peppery and bittersweet Somerset Redstreak apple and the soft and fruity Katy culinary apple, creating a fine and full-flavoured cider that has a light and fragrant aroma and a soft, rounded finish.

The Tremlett’s and Falstaff makes use of the bittersweet Tremlett’s apple and the light and fruity Falstaff culinary apple, with this cider having a long dry finish and a flavour that is rich and full-bodied.  

Martin Thatcher of Thatchers Cider says, “Understanding apple varieties and how they each bring their special character to a cider is such an important and valuable skill. Our cidermakers are indeed craftsmen, and they’ve been perfecting their skills for many years – the results are here for us all to enjoy in these two very special, limited edition ciders.”


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