New ‘Guide to the British Isles’ cocktail menu from HMSS

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HMSS Greenhouse Project

The new ‘Greenhouse Project’ cocktail at HMSS


On November 8th, Clifton cocktail bar Her Majesty’s Secret Service (HMSS) is set to launch the first in a new series of British-inspired cocktail menus. The first menu will be in the form of Winston the bulldog’s Guide to the British Isles, described as ‘a light hearted illustrated drinking journey through the UK’s favourite attractions’.

The launch menu will take drinkers from the White Cliffs of Dover right up to Loch Ness, covering landmarks in between, and will include intriguing ingredients such as laughing gas, acorn vermouth, and even a chip of prehistoric stone.

Designed to ‘start conversations, as a visual aid, icebreaker and souvenir that embodies the bar and the inspirations of HMSS’, the new series of menus are aimed at both tourists and Brits alike. The menu will be presented in the style of a vintage pocket edition travel guide (see the photo above), starring all sorts of interactive, playful and intriguingly presented cocktails that aim to push the boat out…

Expect plenty of unusual ingredients and uniquely flavoured spirits in the new cocktails, which include the following:

  • Green Manalishi (£8.50): Bacardi Carta Blanca, hemp orgeat, lime, aloe vera oil, 1 chip of prehistoric stone
  • Loch Ness Mobster (£8.50): Patron Silver tequila, peach wine, lemon juice, absinthe, laughing gas
  • Twister (£8.50): Grey Goose La Poire, Mozart Strawberry, kiwi sherbet, milk, whole egg white
  • Greenhouse Project (£9.00): Sugar snap Hendricks, dry white wine, spear asparagus, celery bitters


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