New ethical shop and bakery for Bedminster Parade?

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Ethical shop and bakery coming to Bedminster Parade


The Bristol Loaf, Hugo’s and Zero Green are teaming up to create a brand new ethical shop, bakery and community space on Bedminster Parade – and they’re looking for help to complete the new site in a green and sustainable way.

Award-winning Redfield bakery The Bristol Loaf is joining forces with Hugo’s Greengrocers and Zero Green – both on North Street – to forge a partnership that will create additional job opportunities, as well as hosting events, courses and workshops for Bristol’s shoppers and home cooks.

Their vision is “to establish Bedminster’s first one-stop ethical shop for all your daily essentials with the aim of promoting a more sustainable way to live and shop, and all under one roof”. The additional space will mean that The Bristol Loaf will be able to expand their bread, cake, pastry and lunch ranges, while the three brands also envisage offering food tastings and demos throughout the year.

There will be arts, crafts, cooking and baking workshops on offer too – and the plan is also to team up with the Square Food Foundation to offer 12-week baking apprenticeships to local, disadvantaged young people: the plan really is to invest in the local community.

Understandably, they want the new space on Bedminster Parade to be completely independent. That’s why they’re raising money via Crowdfunder, which will allow them to pay local tradespeople to complete the work on the premises in a sustainable way, and will enable them to install solar panels and more energy-efficient equipment. They want “to become Bristol’s greenest and fairest bakery, café, retailer and grocer – a true one-stop ethical shop”.

You’ll find their crowdfunding page here – and you can pledge as little as £1 towards the project. Higher bids, though, will earn you rewards once the new Bedminster Parade premises is open.

£10, for example, will net you a small veg box from Hugo’s, £15 will earn you a reusable cotton bread tote filled with the bread of your choice…and the awards go right up to a free loaf of bread or pastry every single day for life for those who pledge £5,000.

It’s an exciting project, and with the regeneration of St Catherine’s Place just around the corner too, Bedminster Parade is starting to really make its mark. Good luck to The Bristol Loaf, Hugo’s and Zero Green – it’s a seriously exciting project!


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