Finzels Reach Market to open twice weekly

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Finzels Reach Market


From August 5th, the Finzels Reach Market will be opening twice rather than once per week, giving Bristol’s food lovers another chance to enjoy great local street food.

The market model has needed to be adapted – as has been the case with many food and drink business – to come back and trade in a COVID-secure way. Finzels Reach Market reopened at the beginning of June with special control measures in place, as well as under half of the usual stalls and a brand new layout. Since then, it has enjoyed a great turnout from those wanting to support small and independent local businesses.

Market director, Sophie Bowden, says, “We’ve been thrilled with the support we’ve received from the local community since we reopened. We’ve been able to operate the market on a smaller scale and regulate attendance accordingly. But as office workers start to return and knowing how busy the market can get, we want to make sure that we can continue to run the market safely. By opening the market twice a week, we’re able to manage our customer base over the two days as well as offering the usual amount of traders we had before the pandemic.”

With the news that offices are slowly reopening with different groups of people working on different days, opening the market twice per week will mean that customers have more of a chance to continue with their weekly street food ritual.

Sophie continues, “We’re hopeful that in time we’ll be able to operate the market at full capacity but in the meantime, we’re delighted about having an additional market day. After all, who doesn’t want to eat street food twice a week?!”

The first Wednesday for the Finzels Reach Market will be Wednesday, August 5th, from 11am to 2pm. Find out more on the website.


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